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What the fudge is the Milk Carton Rule?

We're coming back from space and landing on Earth today. We'll be pondering the Milk Carton Rule.

In order to help you work more effectively and live more happily, you can utilize psychology principles with the milk carton rule.

Using Vicky and Peter, from a psychology textbook, is an excellent way to understand the milk carton rule. A psychology textbook contains a story about two people named Vicky and Peter.

After Vicki forgets to put the milk in the refrigerator, Peter wakes up to find it on the counter when she prepares her coffee in the morning. So, when Peter wakes up the next morning, he finds the carton of milk on the

Over and over, Peter gets frustrated and confronts Vicki about it when she returns home. Vicki always apologizes, but she continues to make the same mistake. Peter brings up the problem one day to his therapist, to show the type of behavior he has to deal with.

T: "How often does she do this?"

P: "I've lost count."

T: "For how many years?"

P: "At least 10 years, ever since she took this job."

T: "So, do you base your prediction of what will happen every morning based on what she does or what you want her to do?"

P: "I base it on what's right. And what she'd do if she truly loved me."

T: "So, let me get this straight: She's done this hundreds, possibly thousands of times."