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We live in amazing times! Maybe unprecedented times? Let's ponder.

Let's ponder these amazing times we're in. At least in 1st world countries.

We often hear on the news 99% of negative things about this world.

Although those negative things are true like injustices, war, crimes, poverty etc. That's definitely not to be ignored and is realistic; but what is also realistic is how amazing these times are right now.

Firstly, what's so amazing nowadays is that people in the distant past would have thought that what we have today is witchcraft.

  • Civil society for one. Only 70 years ago, the Luftwaffe were flying over the United Kingdom. Gay rights were non-existent, now they are.

  • Technology. With Hubble, we are able to peer into distant galaxies. With WMAP, NASA brought us the Cosmic Microwave Background, which shows the early universe, just 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

  • If we dial 999, we're able to receive help near instant speeds

  • We have good medical care, at least in the UK with the NHS

  • Technology such as bypasses and freeways which we take for granted but this tech is amazing, and we often forget how much we rely on such things. People hard at work laying down the roads for the future, for us.

This is why we ponder isn't it?