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Universe way older than 13.8 billion years

why the current model of the universe breaks this fundamental law, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

The arrow of time is often defined in the universe as an ever increasing entropy, and the reason why is because an hour earlier there was an even lesser entropy, a lower entropy, and the day before yesterday was an lesser entropy, going back to over 13 billion years, the universe was in an even lesser entropy, back at the singularity. At the singularity, the universe was in the most low entropy state. Some physicists will stop there and say that this is the beginning of the universe but some physicists like to go even further back in time, yes even before the big bang, even before the singularity. After all, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So the current cosmology of the universe, that is the big bang theory, which physicist say is the beginning breaks a fundamental law of the universe which is the law of conservation of energy, that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The universe that doesn't break this law is called a Cyclic Universe.