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Matryoshka-esque behaviour in the cosmos.

Space Ponder, or Dylan Hovis, is developing a hypothesis titled Matryoshka Fractal Hypothesis (MFH) as part of my B.Sc graduate in mathematics and cosmology. This article here features some great key features of my theory-in-development which involves fractal mathematics. This article was written by Meeks & extended by me, and they kindly gave permission to share this lovely article that resonates with my thinking. A link to their blog

The interesting thing about these little matryoshka dolls is that they nest, one inside the other. If we had the technology, we could probably keep making them smaller right down to the Planck level. [Wiki : “the Planck length is in principle, … the shortest measurable length…”] Basically that’s incredibly small.

Fractals are the natural equivalent of babushkas.

“Mandelbrot derived the term “fractal” from the Latin verb frangere, meaning to break or fragment. Basically, a fractal is any pattern that reveals greater complexity as it is enlarged. Thus, fractals graphically portray the notion of “worlds within worlds” …”