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Opal Found On Mars Lettuces Ponder Mars' Watery Past.

In October 2021, NASA's Mars Rover, Perseverance, made a groundbreaking discovery: a small, shiny rock that turned out to be an opal. This was the first-ever discovery of such a gemstone on Mars, and it has sparked a lot of interest among scientists and space enthusiasts alike.

Opals are a type of mineral that are highly prized for their iridescent colours, and they are typically formed from the hydration of silica-rich rocks. The opal found on Mars is believed to have formed in a similar way, as a result of the interaction between water and volcanic rock.

Mars has been a target of study for geologists for decades, as it is one of the most geologically diverse planets in our solar system. Its surface is characterized by a variety of features, including towering volcanoes, deep canyons, and vast plains.

One of the most distinctive features of Mars is its red colour, which is caused by the presence of