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Homosapian or Homotechno? Interesting Pondering From Grimes.

Grimes pondered in a Lex Podcast that humans have now evolved into Homotechnos.

She pondered "Probably since the beginning of the iPhone, we became cyborgs. Our brains have fundamentally changed. Everyone who grew up with electronics - we are fundamentally different from Homosapians. I call us Homotechno. I think we have evolved into Homotechno, which is essentially a new species."

This is very fascinating pondering. Such a view lies deeply with me as I ponder this often. This is known as Transhumanism. It's a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition. It also predicts the inevitability of such technologies in the future.

This image here looks rather terrifying. I generated it using AI and pondering it brings out its details. I typed into the AI "A Human in the future" and this is its result. It looks rather demonic but let's ignore that, I've got a better interpretation. Notice the head, it is expanding. The expanding head represents our gradual exponential brain growth. In the future we may have AI chips embedded into our brains, giving us the ability to learn information that would prior take years. Instead, we'd be able to download, say, lessons to play the piano, and learn how to play the piano instantly. Strangely enough, scientists have informed us that humans in the future will look something like this, especially the large eyes. I'd choose a different colour.