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History has been made! The First image from JWST has been released! What a time to be alive!

Download the full resolution here

Webb Delivers Deepest Infrared Image of Universe Yet | ESA/Webb (

Some gravitational lensing going on in the image. There is so much mass that it is warping the spacetime around it, making the light curve, hence gravity.

However, an opposer against modern cosmology, Jason Verbelli, has interesting strong arguments to back up his claims, which can be found here and here.

"The detail is so clear you can see [in the image] the obvious flaws of the apparatus and satellite itself… With all of these arcs and streaks of light circulating around the Centerpoint. I hope these people don't try and claim gravitational lensing from the obvious optical flaw and forward light scatter. It just makes it more obvious that gravitational lensing does not exist and it's just an optical flaw."

Even if this is not true, it is still interesting to ponder nonetheless. So, let's, rather than dismiss it. It can be entirely possible that Mr Verbelli's cosmology replaces today's cosmology in the future, after all, many theories have been altered due to new data. Unfortunately, many people suffer from cognitive dissonance, so this could be rather difficult.

According to Mr Verbelli, there is no evidence for a time resolved gravitational lensing event as predicted by General Relativity and depicted in the artist animation here. The academic textbooks and the literature are filled with artist impressions pertaining to gravitational lensing effects similar to the one depicted here.

The galaxy cluster Abell 383 clearly shows evidence of forward scattering of the intense light from the compact light source of the galactic core, generating apparent curved arcs encircling the nearly point-like light source at the galactic core simply to be amplified by the light-sensitive CCDs of the modern astronomical observatories.

There is no harm in pondering, so if you are interested, more of this radically different cosmology can be found by clicking here.

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