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Fractals within practical uses: Satellite tagged Narwhals. Let's ponder the data.

Recently, biologists published an extensive study in PLOS Computational Biology. A team of biologists tracked the behaviour of narwhals with satellite tagged narwhals. To ponder this, we'll de-complex the study into plain English; they used chaos theory, what appears chaotic behaviour is actually not chaotic at all. I find this amazing because it illustrates that what appears to be irregularity is actually a pattern - fractal behaviour of the narwals! So, today, we'll be landing the space whale to ponder the oceans.

Under the Arctic Sea ice, narwhals are enigmatic marine mammals that fascinate us with their unique appearance and secretive lifestyles.

In recent years, scientists have also made a few key discoveries about narwhals, including how to save some endangered populations.

The narwhal&#x