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Did the universe have a beginning? Physicist Roger Penrose says no & provides evidence.

This is an introduction to CCC theory, a theory by physicist Roger Penrose that suggests that the universe had no beginning.

Over three years ago, I made a video, predicting CCC theory would become mainstream cosmology, now three years later all space news outlets are reporting this theory, making it mainstream. It did take them some time, journalists these days.

This strange theory is by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and entails that the universe has gone through many big bangs, not just one, from the infinite past.

The three key things of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology are

  1. Conformal Geometry

  2. Hawking Radiation

  3. Hawking Points

Hawking Points are evidence of a previous universe located in the Cosmic Microwave Background, which could be remnant signals from Supermassive Black holes from a previous aeon.