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Astrophotographer, Gary Palmer, shoots incredible sun photographs and more.

Updated: Jan 21

Our focus in this article will be Gary's stunning astrophotos and his interesting equipment, which he regularly shares on Facebook.

A high ejection of solar plasma ejects from Sol

The Whole

Prominence imaged today at the Ikarus Solar Observatory in Spain. William Optics FLT120 Solar Rotarion. Daystar Quark HaASI 174M Ioptron CEM120 Sharpcap 4 Pro

An insanely detailed astrophoto of the whole of the sun. 8 Panel mosaic imaged on the 19 August 22. Lots of cloud today so imaged through the gaps. The filament at the top of the sun almost stretches across the full disc. Double stacked Quark ASI174 Sharpcap 4 Pro

Large prominence imaged today in the UK. Massive ejections larger than Jupiter are captured

Large prominence imaged today in the UK. gaps in the cloud this afternoon.This is marvelous

Extreme closeup

Gary also manages to capture stunning, highly detailed, astrophotos of galaxies, like this one of Andromeda.

Not forgetting the memes!

Some of the awesome gear Gary uses to capture the stunning photos, which personally I find intriging.

Highly detailed Lunar photos are also in his bag. "Last nights moon, 4 panel mosaic. Have played around with the Player One Apollo Max camera on solar imaging so thought I would give it a go on the Moon. Seeing wasn't great."

Globular Clusters, too, partically M13

M13 from last night. Only an hour of data as there was a lot of high cloud around.

In the software Space Engine, we can directly go ito this amazing cluster.

From the software Space Engine

Gary and Jeff Weiss captured a stunning astrophotograph together. In awe of the photograph, I am in awe of it. Those blues combined with the subtle greens and the baby blues, the silhoues of the gas, make it a breathtaking picture.

NGC 2244, a collaboration between Jeff Weiss and myself. This is just a quick test on some of the data captured. Over the next week I will add in some other data captured with Chroma V-band filter that looks very nice. There is a little bit of high cloud in some of the data captured but it has not affected the image to much.

Oh, but let's not forget more memes!

Bye for now. You can enjoy more of Gary's astrophotography over at his Facebook.

There is a comment section below if you would like to leave a wee comment.

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